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The core of my work comprehends the planning, the preparation, the recording, the production and the publication of the episodes of my shows. So you’re informed about the process, and so you can prepare for a recording, I’ve put together the following information.


I’m completely free in creating my episodes. There exist no dependencies on third parties and hence no possibilities of exerting influence.

I don’t conduct traditional interviews. Instead, I prefer lively conversations.

There’s no time limit. A recording session can take three hours, or even longer. The content dictates the length of an episode.

I prepare for every recording, but you’re most welcome to contribute your own content. There’s no script or storyboard. Prior arrangements are certainly possible, but not at all necessary.

To contact me, you can call +49 2362 9666346 or send an email to If you want to encrypt your emails, please use this PGP key. All the other channels of communication are listed under Bell system.


At face

The recording studio is located on the premises of a former coal mine with gastronomical establishments, supermarkets and various other businesses.

  • Your way to the mine: Access
  • Your way to the studio: Inbye
  • Technical equipment: Tools

Around the table in the studio, there are four places. Each place is equipped with a high-quality microphone mounted on an adjustable but stable boom as well as with headphones and a volume control. Furthermore, there’s a Schuko plug socket, a USB power outlet, a RJ45 network connector and a USB 3.0 jacks connected to the recording computer. In the center of the table, two monitors can be set up. With a single cord, i.e., as a daisy chain, they can be connected to the recording computer or any other computer with a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) connector.

Recording studio

Recording studio

On a couch, there are two more places, which can be equipped with one handheld microphone each, though neither with headphones nor a monitor.

Each guest has access to the WiFi network.

COVID-19 pandemic (Corona virus/SARS-CoV-2)

Before every recording, I desinfect the studio. Also, hand sanitizer is available.

Recordings take place with at most four persons. It’s possible to keep a minimum distance of 1,5m.

In the studio, there’s frequent or even permanent ventilation.

During recordings, I refrain from wearing a mask.


Recordings with remote guests are also possible. I can supply the hardware for one person. The software that is to be used by the guest is Studio-Link. Alternatively, recordings are possible via Skype or phone, if the audio quality suffices.


Outside of the studio, it’s possible to record with up to three guests. Everyone is equipped with a handheld microphone.

COVID-19 pandemic (Corona virus/SARS-CoV-2)

These recordings can take place at any location, e.g., outside or in a spacious room. We can keep a distance of 3m or more.


All the episodes are listed in the log, e.g., episode GKG000 at (not yet published). They’re also distributed via the blog feeds and the podcast feeds of the respective shows, which anyone can subscribe to.

I make a quadratic episode image with a height and width of 2048 pixels as well as a post image with a width of 1200 pixels and a height of 630 pixels. You’re welcome to provide the material for the images, e.g. the logo for the episode image. Please make sure that it isn’t protected by a copyright.

I indicate the contact and donation options of every guest. To let me know which ones you want me to indicate, you can use this form: Numbers, XLSX, PDF.

Of course you can send me other information, images, URLs etc. for me to include in the show notes.

Log with episode GK028 | BG Dorsten
Log with episode GK028 | BG Dorsten

All of my episodes are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. They are accessible for everyone, and they can be shared and copied accordingly.

I share the episodes on the following platforms.


If I have invited you to record an episode with me, then this is generally free of cost for you. After the publication, though, you are welcome to financially support me on a voluntary basis.

Upon request, I issue an invoice for an amount of your choice and stating the VAT.

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