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Michael Holtkamp

The trinity of Kauenwärter, Micha Manfraß and myself is really just one person, and that person is me (Micha).

Born in 1984, I initially grew up in Dorsten, Germany. After stays in the USA and Chile, each as a high school exchange student, I got my high school diploma (Abitur) from a school in Bottrop, Germany. Subsequently, I studied International Economics at Kiel University (Kiel, Germany) and Jönköping University (Sweden). After traveling around the world for six months, I returned to Kiel University for my doctoral studies. There I was employed as a research/teaching assistant for over seven years. My fields of interest are urban/regional/international economics or economic geography, and transport economics. In 2019, I returned to Dorsten and am now self-employed.

Due to a juvenil macula degeneration, I’ve been visually impaired since early childhood, and I’m legally blind by now. In addition, I have the Asperger’s Syndrome.

My favorite color is gray.

Graukaue | Michael Holtkamp (Cover)
Graukaue | Michael Holtkamp (Cover)

Graukaue | Michael Holtkamp (Cover)

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