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The location in Dorsten. The mine is located north of the river Lippe, in a part of town called Hervest.

The mine is within walking distance of the train station Hervest-Dorsten and of the bus stops Im Harsewinkel and Gewerbeg. Wenge West. Arriving by car, you should pass through the entrance at Halterner Straße 105/107 for direct access to Fürst-Leopold-Platz.

Public transportation


From the train station Hervest-Dorsten, it is less than one kilometer to Fürst Leopold. Heading south down Am Holzpl., alongside the train tracks, you reach Halterner Straße after only a few minutes. Turn left and walk to the second roundabout (Zechenstraße). The mining plant is on the left-hand side. About 100m behind the roundabout, there’s the entrance to Fürst-Leopold-Platz at Halterner Straße 105/107.

There are direct connections to Hervest-Dorsten from Essen Hbf, Bottrop Hbf, Gladbeck West, Coesfeld (Westf) and Borken (Westf). From Dortmund Hbf, Herne, Wanne-Eickel Hbf and Gladbeck Ost, there are direct connections to the station Dorsten. From there you can take the train to Borken or Coesfeld to get to Hervest, or you walk over to the neighboring central bus terminal.


There are direct connections to the central bus terminal (ZOB Dorsten) from Recklinghausen Hauptbahnhof (central train station), Buer Rathaus in Gelsenkirchen and ZOB Berliner Platz in Bottrop. The bus no. 274 leaves from gate 7, and the bus no. 208 leaves from gate 4. Both of these buses take you to the bus stop Im Harsewinkel in just eight minutes. From the bus stop, walk about 50m back to the roundabout at Halterner Straße and Zechenstraße. On the opposite side of the roundabout, there are the premises of the mining plant. The entrance leading to Fürst-Leopold-Platz is about 100m to the right at Halterner Straße 105/107.

Coming from Marl Mitte or Wulfen (or from ZOB Dorsten, gate 4), you can take bus no. SB26 to the bus stop Gewerbeg. Wenge West. From the roundabout, walk south into the industrial park. Don’t be confused that almost all the streets are called An der Wienbecke. After crossing the train track, there’s the headframe of shaft no. 2. Right behind it, on the other side of Fürst-Leopold-Allee, there’s the machinery hall. Once you’ve passed this building, turn right and cross the square with the gravel to get to Fürst-Leopold-Platz.


I suggest you take the A31, the A52, the B224 and/or the B225. You’ll figure it out.

The parking lots around the Lohnhalle (Fürst-Leopold-Platz 1) can be accessed through the entrance at Halterner Straße 105/107. If you turn left after passing between those buildings, you get to the parking lot that is located right behind the Lohnhalle. Though, in the surrounding area, say, at Fürst-Leopold-Allee, there are many more parking spots.

Gate at Halterner Str. 105/107

Gate at Halterner Str. 105/107


The lamp cabin. Recharge your battery before or after a shift.

In the very same building as Graukaue, there's a hotel. On the third floor (2. OG), walk over to the Lohnhalle, by turning right after leaving the hotel's elevator or staircase. Graukaue adjoins the hotel (first blue door on the left).

The hotel rooms are located on the second floor (1. OG). On the third floor (2. OG), there are coworking offices as well as seminar rooms and conference rooms.