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Welcome to Graukaue!

My name is Micha. I’m the custodian (Kauenwaerter).

This is a recording studio for podcasts located on the premises of a former colliery in the Northern Ruhr in Germany. I produce my own shows about economic and social topics, which are accessible for everyone. Though, I also rent out the studio.


Graukaue is located on the premises of the former coal mine Fuerst Leopold in Dorsten, which today is the CreativQuartier.


The mine is located north of the river Lippe, in a part of town called Hervest. It is within walking distance of the train station Hervest-Dorsten and of the bus stops Im Harsewinkel and Gewerbeg. Wenge West. Arriving by car, you should pass through the entrance at Halterner Str. 105/107 for direct access to Fuerst-Leopold-Platz.


Graukaue (Icon)

On the western side of Fuerst-Leopold-Platz, there’s the main entrance of building no. 1, which reads “Lohnhalle”. At the end of the hallway, two stairs to the left lead into the interior space of the Lohnhalle. The staircase is on the right. On the third floor (2. OG), in room 2L-14/15, the leftmost office on the opposite side, there’s Graukaue.


This information is meant to help my guests prepare for a recording.


The studio is equipped with a large table for up to four people. Beside the table, there’s a couch for an additional two people.


Graukaue Global

This is the English pit.

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This is the blog. It comprehends all the episodes including the show notes as well as all the posts. If you wish to display the log of a certain level and/or nothing but the episodes, select the corresponding category.


These are the dog tags of the entire butty gang.

Bell system

The bell system specifies the communication channels between Graukaue and the outside world. Via these channels, I announce, for instance, the mining of new episodes.

Butty system

Running Graukaue is not free of cost. Even though my episodes are easily accessible, and even though I’m happy about every single listener who enjoys them, you can give back, if you like.

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