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Graukaue (Gray Coe) is a podcast studio at the Fürst Leopold Colliery in Hervest-Dorsten.

The owner is Michael Holtkamp, and I'm the coe's custodian (Kauenwärter).


The podcasts. There's the pit Graukaue 1, which comprises three levels, and there's the pit Graukaue 2.

Graukaue 1

This is the German-language pit; see

Graukaue 2

This is the English-language pit.

Big city whisper

Under the roof of Graukaue, there's a microphone for everybody, provided that she has a story to tell. Maybe she doesn't really take herself serious, but she's serious about whatever she does. Maybe she's rhetorically unreliable, but she's open and honest.



The blog. This documents the advances at Graukaue 2.

See also the log of Graukaue 1.

Bell system

The contact to the outside world. This is how I communicate with you.

Butty system

The wage packets. This is how you facilitate advances.


The butty gang. These are the miners' dog tags.


The Fürst Leopold Colliery. Graukaue is located at this abandoned coal mining plant in the North of the Ruhr in Germany.


The location in Dorsten. The mine is located north of the river Lippe, in a part of town called Hervest.


The entry to Graukaue. The studio is located in the 'Lohnhalle'.


The hammer and the pick. This is the recording equipment.


The colaboration with amateurs. This is how I go about recording with guests.


The combined mines. These are the commissioned productions. This is how to rent the studio.

Graukaue (Logo)